Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatment At Chatham Chiropractic

Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of both active and inactive individuals. Because the knees take the brunt of each step we take, nearly everyone suffers from knee pain at some point. At Chatham Chiropractic in Chatham and Springfield, our chiropractor can help diagnose and treat your knee pain to help you maintain mobility.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain is caused by several illnesses and conditions. Some of the most common include:

Dislocated Knee

Knee dislocations occur when the thigh-bone and the shin-bone lose contact with one another. Normally, an individual is unable to walk when the knee becomes dislocated. If you try to force yourself to walk, you can cause extreme damage to the knee joint with each step.

Knee Bursae

Knee bursae is usually caused by an injury to the front of the knee or from staying in a kneeling position too long. With knee bursitis, the knee and surrounding area become inflamed, is extremely tender and it can cause swelling.

Frozen Knee

Frozen knees are the result of chronic inflammation and scarring or thickening and shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the joint. Knee joints can also freeze due to a meniscus tear.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Tears to the rotator cuff are usually the result of chronic wear and tear or a fall. Pain can radiate down the leg and make it very difficult to bear weight or walk without issues.

Strains and Sprains

A knee sprain means you injured one of the four ligaments that surround the knee joint. A sprain is an injury to a muscle in the knee. The two are often confused. Strains are often the result of overuse, while sprains occur from unnatural movements.


Tendinitis is a common problem with athletes. It is an overuse injury that is sometimes referred to as jumpers’ knee as it occurs most often in sports that involve jumping. Pain is usually felt directly over the kneecap and patellar tendon.

How Chiropractors Relieve Pain

Chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate sore knees and are most helpful when combined with physical therapy. Knee pain is most often due to muscle imbalances, misalignment around the knee joint, overuse, poor posture and stress. By help properly align the joints, a chiropractor reduces stress and helps improve the range of motion.

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