TMJ Treatment in Springfield, IL 

Whenever you're in the midst of slumber and you wake up with a sore jaw and teeth, the likelihood that you grind your mouth during the night is high. You might initially need a dental exam, however, our Chatham Clinic prepared to go a step further and support your TMJ treatment. 

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint that gets out of whack and causes pain and discomfort. TMJ disorders are typically common in people who clench their teeth or suffer from arthritis of the jaw joint, or perhaps a jaw injury from impact and stress. Our staff doctor the entire team at Chatham Chiropractic is ready to relieve the pain and tenderness in your jaw.


What are the Symptoms of TMJ?

Oftentimes, the pain and discomfort can be managed with specific exercises and non-surgical measures. Surgery is a last resort, however, if any of the following symptoms are present, seeing our Springfield, IL doctor is recommended:

  • Pain and aching around your eardrum
  • Throbbing facial pain
  • Difficulties when chewing and/or pain while chewing
  • Jaw tenderness
  • Joint locking, making it strenuous to open and close your mouth

During a TMJ disorder flare-up, there is a grating sensation or a clicking sound when you begin to chew. If it becomes unbearable, please come and see us. If it's not a painful experience, chances are you won't need immediate treatment. The key is to pay attention to any of the above signs and whether or not they progress.

Potential Causes of TMJ

Whether your activity denotes jaw mobility or you've been in a serious accident, any causes of temporomandibular joint disorder can be traced to whether the hinge action and sliding motion of the jaw are affected. If so, these could be the causes:

  1. The cartilage of the joint becomes impaired by overuse and osteoarthritis.
  2. The jaw joint becomes damaged by injury or a severe blow to the face.
  3. The sliding disk erodes and eventually moves out of its normal alignment.

While we provide corrective exercises following any TMJ treatment and surgery, if need be, it's important that self-managing of the disorder is adhered to on a daily basis. Our clinic offers a thorough evaluation, exam, and perhaps any spinal adjustment to restore alignment from the neck down. TMJ has also been linked to improper sleeping positions, incorrect posture, and spinal abnormalities. Everything within the body is affected when TMJ is present.

Contact Our Clinic for Further Evaluation

Once you detect the symptoms and are experiencing jaw tenderness, contact our Springfield, IL clinic for further treatment. We'll ensure you receive proper care, a good night's sleep, and a pain-free day! You can call Chatham Chiropractic at 217-483-1551 to schedule an appointment today!


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